Gavin Newsom’s Labor Supporters

Gavin Newsom

Gavin Newsom, the governor of the state of California, went on to express his gratitude towards numerous laborers for the effort that they put in in order to safeguard his office. The temperature of the day he took the said action was 100 degrees. The governor belonging to the Democratic Party was wearing a shirt with a tie. It is to be noted that the central effort of Governor Gavin Newsom in his effort to save his office has been labor. 

Gavin Newsom’s Political Base 

In case the Democratic governor from the state of California manages to avert the recall elections that are constantly being backed by the Republican Party, he is very likely to have the full support of the various labor unions. But the labor unions are not the only thing that is the political base of Governor Gavin Newsom. A majority of votes that the governor might gain is also from the people of color.

The speech that was given by him on the 5th of September that fell on Sunday, was attended by a large number of people of color. Christian Castro, the spokesperson of the labor organization, stated that a minimum of 2 million USD was spent by the entire organization in order to extend protection to the Democratic governor. The rally took place on Sunday in a county called Los Angeles.

The total number of phone calls made by them with regard to the rally was  550,000 calls, with 1,100 volunteer shifts. The total number of doors that were knocked on was 60,000. The goal that is set is to knock on 100,000 doors until Election Day takes place in order to support Governor Gavin Newsom. And this is something the Democratic governor already knows about.