Eviction Moratorium Cancelled By The Supreme Court

Eviction Moratorium
Eviction Moratorium

The Supreme Court of the United States of America took an action against the eviction moratorium. This incident took place on the 26th of August that fell on a Thursday. The moratorium was introduced by the administration of Joe Biden, the President of the country. And it is directly related to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic in the country. 

Biden’s Eviction Moratorium Not Valid

The highest court of appeal in the country released its opinion that was written in a total of eight pages. And it was not signed. It was stated that the US Congress was already made aware of the fact that any extension that would be introduced with regard to the subject of the eviction moratorium had to be backed by a “new legislation.” However, even within all these weeks, nothing like that took place leading to the expiration of the eviction moratorium. The Supreme Court further added that if it is to be continued through a federal imposition, it must be authorized specifically by the US Congress.

All the three justices publicly dissented to the opinion. They did so making reference to the rising cases in the Delta variant of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. The latest hearing on the subject of the eviction moratorium took place after it got affected by the disease control and prevention center of the country. It took place on the 3rd of August. It was done so after the expiry of the last iteration.

The union of landlords spoke against President Joe Biden and his administration. They stated that they revived it even though it was stated that it would not get the approval of the Supreme Court. They also made reference to “Kavanaugh’s concurrence.” The Supreme Court’s order from Thursday’s incident proves the fact that conservatives have taken the decision to support those people who have a problem with the policies introduced by President Joe Biden’s administration