Texas Democrats: 3 Of The Representatives Have Contracted COVID

Abby Finkenauer
Abby Finkenauer

In a statement by the Texas House Democratic Caucus, it has been reported that three of the Texas Democrats have contracted COVID. Incidentally, the democrats did flee the state previously and have tested positive for it in Washington. Almost 50 Democrats from the state went out on Monday in order to break a quorum in the chamber. Whilst doing that, they managed to prevent the entire Republican candidacy from putting through proposals that would change the election laws of the state. 

Three Texas Democrats Have Tested Positive For COVID

One of the major points of contention between the Texas Democrats and the Republicans has been the empowerment of poll watchers in the state. Another one has been the proposal of new civil and criminal penalties for the election workers, which does come along with several other items of a legislative nature in the special session. This led to the members of the Texas legislative assembly holding their meetings on Capitol Hill with the Democratic legislators and VP Kamala Harris last Tuesday. 

Symone Sanders, one of the foremost advisers of Harris, stated that it had come to their attention that two of the Texas Democrats had tested positive for coronavirus. Due to the complicated and troubling timeline of the tests, it had been determined that both the VP and her staff weren’t at any real risk of exposure since they weren’t in any close contact. 

She further added that Kamala Harris and her staff were fully vaccinated. The CDCP put up its most recent guidance which stated that anyone who was fully vaccinated didn’t have to wear a mask or even socially distance themselves unless stated otherwise. Nonetheless, the statement from the Texas Democrats didn’t particularly identify which of their members tested positive for the virus. But it was ascertained that all three of them had been fully vaccinated.