Grey’s Anatomy Might Conclude But The Connections Will Remain

grey's anatomy
grey's anaomy

Meredith Grey is currently lying in a comatose state in a hospital bed in Seattle. Her show, Grey’s Anatomy, however, has been doing spectacularly on the rating chart.

The entertainment series is currently recording the highest viewership by young adults for a season, till Thursday. This week will see season 17 resuming. News of any upcoming seasons, however, is still missing.

Grey’s Anatomy follows a Seattle Hospital and its staff. The show has so far been significant support in the lives of its audience. It has provided both career guidance and emotional support to its viewers.

The Significance Of Grey’s Anatomy

The show was also a source of entertainment during the lockdown imposed due to the covid pandemic. As a result, social media has been abuzz with discussions on many plotlines from both the current as well as the previous seasons.

Chandra Wilson, who plays Dr. Miranda Bailey, also followed suit with the trend. She has been rewatching the series along with her daughter beside her. She humorously remarks how unusual it is for her to be binge-watching anything. She also says that her daughter finds reflections of herself in her fictional representation.

Bailey has been with Grey’s Anatomy for 16 years now. She has also been featured as a director. Her impact on the storyline has been a constant for the show. Her character has struggled with mental issues but is confident in her personality, and has achieved success as a Black female surgeon. It has been an inspiration for career choices in real life.

The ABC show has always received fan feedback about how it has inspired people to chase their medical dreams. There has also been feedback from existing practitioners. The show is emotionally appreciated for depicting the trauma faced due to covid. Meredith Gray, played by Ellen Pompeo, currently faces a life-or-death situation due to the disease.

As it stands this might be the final season of the show because Ellen’s contract is at an end. Chandra is hopeful that there will be a lot of outpouring if it does turn out to be so.