‘Grey’s Anatomy’ New Episode Recap

grey's anatomy
grey's anaomy

The latest episode of the popular TV serial Grey’s Anatomy shows surgeons along with the new interns coming together to solve a medical mystery at the hospital. In Thursday’s episode Meredith, divulged her truest emotions for Nick, playing her ex in the series, after being separated for 6 months.

Grey’s Anatomy Spoilers from Thursday’s Episode

Grey’s Anatomy’s episode was similar to the pilot episode in which Meredith, the Chief of Surgery, helps Derek, a neurosurgeon, in figuring out the reasons for the unexplained seizure in a patient, admitted to the hospital, Grey Solan Memorial.

The new batch of interns at the hospital was quick to realize that Sam who was admitted to the hospital, for food poisoning was battling more serious a disease.

Sam’s roommate was also hospitalized with food poisoning. He asked the doctors to get someone who could explain the reason for the rashes found on Chase’s stomach. Chase was intubated by Meredith, once he went into a septic shock.

Meredith later instructed the new interns to identify the disease quickly, the cause of such serious illness. She and Webber were also pondering the cause of such illness.

Dr. Lincoln rushed to assist Jules when Chase had to have his leg amputated. Dr. Lincoln had slept with Jules before she joined Grey Solan Memorial.

Simone diagnosed the disease Sam was suffering from, after she found out from his roommate they were staying at the dorm, which was crowded and Simone realized Meningococcus was the reason for his illness, thus saving his life.

Nick joined the hospital as its Residency Director. He went about his job quickly and brought immediate changes to the working hours of the hospital.

Meredith expresses her love for Nick. She even told him that she found it very difficult to accept the fact that he had moved to Minnesota.

Grey’s Anatomy’s Meredith accepted when Nick asked her out on a date. They consented to be at Zola’s, daughter of Meredith, presentation, who spoke with much difficulty about Alzheimer’s and her family’s history with it. She feared that her aunt and mother could have it.