Gwen Stefani Steals Performers And Wins Over Husband Blake Shelton 

Gwen Stefani

Even though Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani are coupled up in reality, there are no soft points allowed on “The Voice.” Blake chose sweet social media comments to wish his spouse Stefani on her birthday on Monday, but the spotlight was on as both of them swung outside for singer Kique, who is 18 years old. The Miami singer stunned the judges on the 5th round of blind auditions by singing a soulful version of the reggae-pop classic “Beautiful Girls” by Sean Kingston.

Stefani remarked that one of her favorite voice types is his. It’s quite spectacular and distinctive. John Legend and Camila Cabello worked hard to support Steffany. Cabello told Kique that with Stefani, he’d form a terrific team.

Shelton’s desperate attempts to connect with Kique through their common love for pizza failed to deter the performer from selecting Gwen Stefani as his mentor. Blake ends up losing a portion of his grit whenever Gwen’s here, as per Legend. He added that she pushes him to act appropriately, and he suffers a wee bit.

Gwen Stefani Wins 2 Best Artists And Competes Hard Against Shelton

When Daysia from Kansas took the stage, the spousal claws flew out. The strong singer, 17, captivated  Shelton and Stefani with her jazzy tone and exquisite rendition of Patsy Cline’s “Crazy.” Shelton remarked,  that she had a fantastic voice, and she looked like a superstar standing there.  He plans to fight since he doesn’t believe his wife would give in to her on this one.

Gwen Stefani was prepared to fight with her husband and serve as an example for Daysia. Stefani declared that this was her fantasy season. and she just learned who’d win. The 29-year-old Californian musician Bodie won the judges’ attention with his own sense of style and a marvelous rendition of “You Found Me” by The Fray.

His voice was wonderful, and everyone would remember his appearance and voice, according to SheltonCabello couldn’t help but make light of Shelton’s zeal to convince Bodie to welcome him. Shelton is having a terrible season, according to Cabello. She’s quite interested in witnessing the yearning coming from him.