Haitian Immigrants Crisis: Mexico Move Refugees Away From Remote Area Near US Border

Haitian Immigrants
Haitian Immigrants

Mexico has cooperated with US authorities and has begun to move Haitian immigrants from the border with the US. This indicated a new degree of support even as the presence of a huge refugee camp inside a town in Texas is giving President Biden a tough time.

The President is faced with an escalating humanitarian and political challenge as the growing number of Haitian immigrants keeps increasing at the US-Mexico border.

Mexico has cooperated with the Americans at crucial moments before and has stepped in again to resolve the crisis. It had previously intensified patrol along the border to prevent unaccompanied children from Central America from arriving at the border near Texas. In 2019, it permitted thousands of immigration seekers to halt in Mexico for several months for a hearing by US border authorities.

It has also started deporting Guatemalan refugees after they were flown across the border by US authorities. The foreign secretary of Mexico, Marcelo Ebrard spoke with his counterpart across the border, Anthony Blinken, the Secretary of State about the plight of the immigrants.

Ebrard has communicated that a majority of the Haitian immigrants had existing refugee status granted by Brazil and Chile, and weren’t in search of refuge in Mexico. He said that they were requesting permission to migrate to the US through the Mexican border. This was confirmed by federal officials from Mexico on conditions of anonymity.

Mexico Has Started Moving Haitian Immigrants Away From Us Border

An official confirmed that 3 busloads of Haitian immigrants were transported, destined for Piedras Negras, around 55 miles from the border. They took a flight from there to Villahermosa in Tabasco.

A flight took off from Monterrey, a northern city destined for Tapachula in the south. It is the largest immigrant detention point in South America. Around 100 Haitian immigrants had been taken from Monterrey, a point that finally leads to the US border in the north.

Mexico has stepped up efforts to move the Haitian immigrants away from the border. The authorities say they plan to move all Haitian immigrants.