Haiti Deportations Ramped Up

Haitian Immigrants
Haitian Immigrants

An official from the Customs and Border Protection gave a statement on Haiti deportations. It was stated that the homeland security of the country was planning to bring an increase in the Haiti deportations through flights. This was done in order to keep a check on those Haitians who are crowding the city of Del Rio that is situated in the state of Texas. The department further gave another statement on the 18th of September that fell on a Saturday.

Haiti Deportations And Democrats’ Letter

As per the statement, it was stated that they are preparing for accelerating the speed of Haiti deportations in order to increase the pace of removal flights. The destinations of the flights were Haiti and other places as well. And this was to take place within 72 hour3s of the announcement. As of now, a total of 14,353 migrants are waiting under the bridge called the Del Rio International.

These people are waiting for the immigration process that will be carried out by the concerned authorities. This information was claimed by the Del Rio mayor, Bruno Lozano. Haiti is still suffering a lot from so many phenomena that took place. People are still facing the aftermath of the earthquake that killed over 2000 citizens. A lot of people are injured. Jovenel Moise, the President of the country, was assassinated in the month of July.

So for these reasons, in order to reduce the suffering of Haitians, numerous lawmakers from the Democratic Party made a request to the administration of President Joe Biden. They wanted the Haiti deportation to be halted for some time. They made the request through a letter. They also stated that the ability of the Haitian government to properly carry out the act of receiving their citizens might take a few more months.

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