Halo Infinite Multiplayer To Be Launched Today

Halo Infinite
Halo Infinite

Most Xbox fans would be pleasantly surprised with the parent company launching the Halo Infinite multiplayer days before it was supposed to be. There were quite a few rumors of the early multiplayer version dropping over the weekend, and now Microsoft has decided to make it official as a part of its 20-year Xbox anniversary.

The cross-platform multiplayer mode of this game will now be live for anyone using Xbox One, Xbox Series S/X, or PC to gear it up in beta. This beta would also include access to season one with all the battle pass features and core maps. Any progress made in the multiplayer would also move over to the launch day on the 8th of December. 

Halo Infinite Multiplayer Might Have A Few Issues Initially

The launch was not without its issues though. The first few hurdles to download Halo Infinite from Xbox through the Windows Store were all about the game only showing up as part of a paid Xbox Game Pass subscription, with some players complaining about issues in launching it after downloading.

Microsoft further suggested that players should reboot their consoles, and Brian Jarrard, the community director of Halo, went on to confirm that quite a few players were experiencing major errors on launch since the build was still mostly in the publishing phase.

Finally, the game is working seamlessly on Xbox, and most players should technically have no issue firing up matches on their PC through Steam from the get-go. Although Halo Infinite does take a little bit longer than what one would expect, it is a 25GB install. Steam starts with a download of 23.7GB which then expands up to 26GB. 343 industries- the creators of the game- initially started previewing the multiplayer mode of this game in July.

A Halo Infinite multiplayer preview was available in late September- which was then made available to all Xbox players. Since most of the players couldn’t get enough of the multiplayer mode of the game, it did feel quite an exciting return to form. 

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