Bernie Sanders Goes After Manchin And Sinema: Speaks Up On Voting Rights Bill

Bernie Sanders
Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders has gone after Democratic Senators Kyrsten Sinema and Joe Sanders for opposing changing the filibuster and stalling the party’s agenda for months. Sanders said that he was open to supporting candidates to challenge Sinema and Manchin in the primaries.

The Independent Senator from Vermont, Bernie Sanders has paved the way for challengers to Manchin and Sinema when both go for reelections in 2024. Sanders told reporters that the stakes are high for altering the filibuster rules in the Senate. It would require a 60 vote majority to end the debate and the Republicans have an edge at present.

Bernie Sanders said that democracy in America is in danger and GOP legislators and governors were aggressively moving to overturn voting and the practice of imposing gerrymandering among several things.

Bernie Sanders said that anyone who believed in democracy should support the Democrats to move ahead with at least their full strength of 50 votes. Sinema and Manchin have constantly opposed their party line on numerous issues in recent times.

Bernie Sanders Has Left It To Voters To Decide About Primary Challengers For The Duo

Bernie Sanders has left it to the voters to decide about the potential challenges by the duo. He said that he supported a primary challenger though he did not elaborate any further.

Progressive Democrats have been constantly frustrated by the stand taken by Manchin and Sinema and are searching for a contender to challenge them in 2024. This came after she opposed changing the filibuster rules in the Senate last week.

Another group that supports pro-choice Democrats has said that they would not approve Kyrsten Sinema for reelection if she sticks to her stance of opposing the filibuster reforms.

Manchin has welcomed the prospect of a challenger at a conference on Tuesday. He used the words, ‘Bring it on,’ when asked to comment about the prospect. He represents a conservative state and had easily defeated the progressive challenger in the primaries in 2018 with around 70% of the total votes.

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