Halsey Shares Beauty Secrets


In addition to her skill as a musician, Halsey is also well known for her unique makeup styles, which, amusing fact, she has been doing on herself for more than 10 years.

In an exclusive interview with NYLON, the inventor of the About-Face company states, “There’s a wonderful level of independence that comes from being in charge of your own face and that’s the feeling that I get that I want to offer to the fans. The brand’s long-wearing and sweat-proof eye cosmetics, which range from bold liners to artist-inspired eye paints, have been the main drivers of the line’s appeal since its 2021 introduction. The company just celebrated a significant achievement by formally debuting in Ulta.

Halsey Believes Breast Milk Is The ‘Best Skincare Ingredient’

“About-Face is based on being creative as opposed to correcting your face,” Halsey explains. The “Closer” singer thinks that by using the statement, they will lead their followers away from today’s unattainable beauty standards and instead encourage them to appreciate their individual qualities.

“I wanted to give the fans the same power that I had found in accepting that this is what my face looks like, and I need to love what my face looks like,” they explain. The playful brand invites you to express yourself via your face: “It’s meant to be a fun gateway brand to take you from novice to a professional by giving you a lot of tools to play with…letting mistakes turn into really creative moments.” 

They told NYLON, “I started breastfeeding and I realized that breast milk is the best skincare ingredient ever.” Because it’s so packed with antioxidants, healthy fats, and other ingredients that hasten the healing process.