Jason Kelce Quizzed About Brother Travis’ Rumored Romance With Taylor Swift

Jason Kelce

Jason Kelce was asked about random rumors emanating from various sources on the internet about his brother, Travis’ romance with Taylor Swift. Though people in the know have confirmed the romance of Jason Kelce’s brother, he deftly evaded the questions. On Thursday Night Football Jason Kelce was immediately cornered by the media for confirmation of rumors. He replied with a classic sibling move, saying much but revealing nothing.

Jason Kelce was asked by the reporter if he had any comments about a certain musician and his brother. Some rumors and stuff, he said. Kelce was quick to respond that even he had heard those rumors about his brother and the pop star, and he could not comment on them. Jason Kelce went on to say that everyone seemed obsessed with the love life of Travis ever after Catching Kelce happened. He said that he had little idea of what was going on. He said that while Travis was having fun, he had no idea who he was with at the moment.   

Sources Say That Jason Kelce’s Brother Not Officially Dating Swift

Reliable sources have informed that while Jason’s brother has been trying to catch up with Swift for some time now, it is not that they are officially dating. It is more of a crush for the famous footballer. The source maintained that Travis was just a modest guy, who was cool, funny, charismatic, and in love with his sport.

Travis had earlier told Jason Kelce that he had tried to contact Taylor during her Eras Tour. He had tried to hand her a bracelet he had made for her but could not contact her. Travis said that it was an unbelievable show, but he was a bit hurt that Swift did not meet her.