Vinicius Jr.’s Passion For The NBA And NFL Extends Beyond Great Friends And Signed Tees

Vinicius Jr.

Following the first leg of their Champions League semifinal, pictures of forward Madrid Vinicius Jr. and defender of Manchester City Kyle Walker shaking hands spread across all social media last month. After a night of grueling combat, two great athletes shared a moment of mutual respect. Vinicius also had the chance to use a little bit of English that he had attempted to practice with Shai G. Alexander, a member of the Oklahoma Thunder. The Brazilian international has a great deal of respect for American sports.

According to sources who spoke to ESPN, Gilgeous-Alexander traveled to RM to see Vinicius Jr. and see him play at the Santiago Stadium after the Oklahoma Thunder were eliminated from the NBA game-in round by the Minnesota Timberwolves. He also visited his home, and he even had time to play a game of basketball at the gym for the Madrid squad.

Vinicius Jr. Has Always Dreamed Of Creating An Institution For Children

This is only one illustration of the countless instances in which Vinicius Jr. keeps in touch with NBA and NFL players. Vinicius Jr. has an impressive collection of NFL jerseys signed by stars like Tom Brady, JuJu S. Schuster, JJ Watt, Justin Jefferson, Saquon Barkley, and Joe Burrow in his home in the Moraleja neighborhood of the Spanish capital.

Vinicius Jr. always made it plain to everyone at the institution that one of his dreams was to see kids enroll in and graduate from a school he founded in his birthplace of Sao Goncalo, and actions are already being taken to make that goal a reality. After multiple trips to the institute’s partner public schools, Ladeira and Coelho had the impression that there was potential to develop a unique environment using the principles and practices of the Instituto Vini Jr. In Sao Goncalo, the land is already being searched with a 2024 construction start date in mind.