John Thune Has Announced His Decision To Run For Re-Election

John Thune
John Thune

John Thune, the Senator from South Dakota, recently announced that he would be running for reelection in the current year. In his statement, he mentioned that he had always promised that he would do the work even if it was back-breaking, unpopular, or even uncomfortable.

The work hasn’t stopped, which is why he would be asking the citizens of the state to provide him with the opportunity to continue serving them in the US Senate. The 61-year-old Senator is currently going through his third term as the senator from the state and has been widely seen as the successor of Mitch McConnell, the longest-serving Republican leader in history. 

John Thune Will Be Running For Reelection Again

Interestingly, John Thune has been at major odds with the former President, most recently when Trump had encouraged Governor Kristi Noem, the current Governor of the state, to run against Thune in the election. Thune had also been one of the top candidates from the Republican Party to speak in favor of accepting the results from the Electoral college, and President-elect Joe Biden’s victory in the last Presidential election, which naturally earned him Trump’s ire. 

In his statement, John Thune spoke about how he had been mulling about his decision as he had been struggling whether he should be seeking another term for six years. Ahead of the crucial midterms of 202, there have quite a few high-profile, long-established Republicans who have stated their desire of not seeking reelections in 2022 and retiring once their term is up. Some of the Republicans who have decided to do so are Sen. Roy Blunt from Missouri, Senator Pat Toomey of Pennsylvania, and Senator Rob Portman of Ohio. 

John Thune, who was a former lawmaker in the House as well as a lobbyist in DC, was first elected to the Senate all the way back in 2004 when he defeated the then-Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle, a Democrat.