Last Chance For Citizens Of America To Claim Stimulus Check of $1,400

Stimulus Check
Stimulus Check

The third stimulus check can be still claimed by citizens of America which is giving an amount of $1,400 for each person and dependent. Some citizens did not yet get their stimulus check payment due to some issue and a few others got a lesser amount of money from the Federal Government. In both these cases, the correct check can be claimed by filing the tax return for the year 2021, whose last date is the 18th of April. 

All The Information On How To Claim The Stimulus Check 

The majority of the citizens of America have already received the last stimulus check via direct bank accounts or checks. These payments were sanctioned under the American Rescue Plan of 2021 which had the objective of helping the poor and middle-class family to survive the coronavirus pandemic. 

However, these payments were calculated based on the previous year’s income tax returns. Meanwhile, there are many families whose number of members has increased due to the birth of newborns or a dependent might have added. Thus, the household will be liable to get a higher check. 

There are even people whose income was so low that they could not file the income tax return and hence the IRS did not have their details. In the last check a family with two kids got a stimulus check worth $5,600. Each dependent will also be liable for a payment of $1,400 irrespective of their age. 

Every individual whose annual earning was less than $75,000, head of the family with earning less than $112,500, and joint filers with income less than $150,000 were eligible for the stimulus check. As this specified amount would increase a little, the amount for stimulus check would reduce as per the rules. The immigrants who do not have documents and the social security number will not be eligible for this payment.