Herschel Walker Is Reproved By Moderator For Using A Sheriff Badge During His Debate: Defends Its Use Vehemently

Herschel Walker
Herschel Walker

Herschel Walker receive a scolding from the debate moderator after he flashed an honorary Sheriff badge during an argument with Democratic incumbent Senator Raphael Warnock. It was an incident that reverberated online and drew strong criticism and ridicule.

Walker, endorsed by Trump and a football great, flashed the badge in response to Senator Warnock’s charges that he misrepresented his role as an officer of law enforcement and had also treated violence in the past.

Herschel Walker’s display of the badge is normally given to many celebrities, and their fresh spotlight on the gray areas of the relationship between celebrities and law enforcement organizations.

The contentious moment played out after Warnock attacked the professional past of Herschel Walker and said that he had issues with facts.

Herschel Walker Displayed Only A Honorary Sheriff Badge

Warnock said on the podium that one thing that he had never done is play around with the truth and claim that he was a law enforcement officer. He also added that he had never threatened to engage in a shootout with the police.

Warnock was referring to Walker’s past controversies. At this point, Herschel Walker flashed his card and said that he worked alongside numerous police officers.

Herschel Walker received the batch for his community service in which he had supported the Sheriff’s dept. in Cobb County, as revealed by Will Kiley. Part of his campaign team.

Walker also received a similar badge from the Johnson County sheriff’s department in East Georgia. His hometown is in Wrightsville, in Johnson County. No one commented from both the sheriff’s office.

Herschel Walker was admonished by Tina Tyus-Shaw, the moderator of the debate. She asked Walker to put away the badge and reminded him of the rules of the debate against the use of props on stage.

Walker argued that it was real and not a prop. But he failed to disclose that it was an honorary badge and not the real one carried by a police official, apparently misinterpreting the use of the word ‘prop’ in this context.