Scrutiny Of Republican Senate Candidate Residency Status Reveals Herschel Walker Said “I Live In Texas” In Campaign Speech

Herschel Walker
Herschel Walker

Herschel Walker may have broken Georgia election law as he has been found to have claimed a $1,500 tax exemption for living in Texas even while he was the GOP midterm Senate candidate in Georgia. The exemption is meant for primary residents of Texas and the revelation has thrown up renewed and disturbing questions about his residency in the final weeks of his campaign.

Herschel Walker’s speech may have only compounded his problems and has opened him to the same attacks that dogged celebrity doctor Mehmet Oz in Pennsylvania. Walker comes up against Democrat Raphael Warnock, the incumbent, in a December runoff. The contest was triggered after the Democrat received the highest votes in the elections, but failed to pass the 50% votes needed to secure a victory.

Control over the Senate was decided in favor of the Democrats, but a victory will help Biden’s party surpass the present 50-50 tie in the Senate and help it secure outright control.

Herschel Walker is one of Trump’s MAGA candidates and has faced controversies following his backing of abortions, his business records, and his personal relationships.

Herschel Walker Has Let On That He Lived In Texas And Benefitted From A Tax Break On His Dallas Home

The former University of Georgia football star also starred in the NFL for the Dallas Cowboys. This month he was accused of benefitting from the tax break on his home in Dallas, Texas, which he defined as his primary residence.

Now it has come to light that in his speech to his party in Georgia in January, he admitted that he lived in Texas and went down regularly to the southern border while discussing immigration policy. That would be a violation of the election policy laid down for candidates in Georgia.

Herschel Walker also gave no less than 4 interviews from his Texas home. The issue of candidates with homes in other states has proved to be the undoing of another Republican candidate. New Jersey resident Mehmet Oz was rejected by the Pennsylvania electorate and local Democrat contender John Fetterman won convincingly.