Jamie Lee Curtis Discloses The Identity Of Her Transgender Child

Jamie Lee Curtis
Jamie Lee Curtis

Jamie Lee Curtis came up with a bold announcement. In a recent interview with a renowned magazine, Curtis opened up. She discussed the identity of her child. In the interview, Lee stated that her youngest kid was transgender. She openly lent support to her child. Jamie stated that she and her husband were very much proud of their kid. They were happy that their kid embraced the real version of her.

Jamie Lee Curtis Proud Mother Of A Trans

Lee was married to her husband Christopher Guest. She could not hide her joy when she found out that their only son has decided to switch gender. Both the parents supported their youngest kid. They encouraged him in doing what the heart wanted. Lee expressed her pride that her child had fearlessly embraced the original version of oneself. 

Ruby, her youngest kid, is 25 years of age. She works as an editor of computer games. She is engaged to her fiance. The couple is planning to get married the next time. Curtis also has a 34-year-old daughter Annie. Jamie does not have grandchildren but wished to have one very soon. 

Jamie Lee Curtis also opened up about her family. She narrated glimpses from her illustrious career as well. Curtis stated that she loved her husband very much. She felt very comfortable and secure when he was around her. She felt that the long duration of marriages is helpful to calm mental stress. One did not feel alone when one’s partner was around. 

Jamie Lee Curtis married her husband in 1984. They are together for 37 years now. Curtis posted an adorable picture of the couple back in December. She had always chosen to keep her relationship away from the public buzz. Curtis stressed how she had fallen for Guest on their first glimpse.