Houston Rockets In A Turmoil After James Harden’s Push For Trade

Houston Rockets
Houston Rockets

The culture of Houston Rockets in the Harden era, which holds together 4 head coaches and 2 owners is best summarized by one former staffer’s statement: Whatever Harden wants. The Houston Rockets always stayed one extra day or overnight after their matches in Phoenix, Los Angeles, and other cities that rank among James’s favorite stops.

James Harden often used to ask for one day off and charter his private jet for partying in L.Vegas or any other city whenever they had a gap of 2-3 days between matches. He always managed an absence from the practice due to which the All-Star broke up. The people in the franchise are saying that it is just Harden being Harden.

The Difficulty Of The Situation For Houston Rockets

But current circumstances are very much different from any circumstance in the eight-year tenure of All-Stars. Sources have revealed that Harden has demanded the Houston Rockets be upgraded every offseason and wanted to get traded if the team couldn’t contend. He also had the final say in many things beyond practice schedules and travel. He also used to call shots on the roster, coaching staff, and personnel moves.

Harden flexed this power for getting Kevin McHale, the coach getting fired, and also was responsible for the departures of Chris Paul and Dwight Howard, both co-stars. But when Harden rushed the Houston Rockets to let him be traded in current weeks despite an offer of fair value, the movie became something more than an annual ultimatum on improvement.

The Houston Rockets are being hopeful that Harden who played in Tuesday’s victory over the Spurs for 21 minutes considers acting professional as the team starts exploring the market for the deal which wouldn’t destroy the franchise. According to an assistant coach,ex-Houston, the Rockets have turned the whole organization over to Harden and now the team will have to deal with its fallout.

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