Lauren Daigle Dropped From Rockin’ New Years Eve Celebration

Lauren Daigle
Lauren Daigle

Lauren Daigle, Lafayette native, and Christian artist has been removed from Clark productions Rockin’ annual Eve celebration.

After performing without the permit past month in the rally called “Let Us Worship”, LaToya Cantrell, Mayor, New Orleans, asked for the removal of Lauren Daigle. After violating the guidance of public health, she should not get awarded with national exposure.

Daigle has put the city residents’ lives at risk. Cantrell’s letter says that Daigle has harmed their people, but the city resident’s life at risk, and also unconscionably strained their first responders. She would be allowed to represent neither New Orleans nor their people.

Reasons For Lauren Daigle’s Removal

Beau Tidwell, Communications Director, New Orleans said that Mayor Cantrell engaged with Lauren Daigle as he engages with all the stakeholders regarding matters on public safety and public health. Cantrell’s concern about her actions in the month of November remains at the same level.

Nungesser was however critical of the mayor’s letter, terming the move as disappointing. Nungesser accused Cantrell of ruining worldwide invaluable promotion in a moment when it needed the most. Nungesser also claimed that celebrations from New Orleans and Louisiana have been pulled from Clark Productions.

However, one city spokesperson stated that the event of New Orleans remains still on with only Lauren Daigle being pulled. Nungesser claimed that they wanted to move this socially-distanced and safe celebration to one place which is outside Orleans Parish and New Orleans. It was at this very moment that Cantrell escalated the issue to a higher level, making calls and writing letters to ABC and Clark Productions.

Nungesser reflected at the loss of the largest opportunity for investing in their state’s promotion and also towards New Orleans’s promotion. He assured the Tourism Offices of Nungesser and Louisiana will never compromise their passion for the state and the cities. Jeff Landry, Attorney General also criticized Cantrell’s letter, saying they want to move Lauren’s performance to a different part of the state.   

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