Texas Voting Law Has Snagged The Citizens Of The Country

Kel Seliger
Kel Seliger

A recent Texas voting law that the Republicans pushed through the legislature the previous year over dramatic protests has come under fire again. This time around, the protests have started even before most of the contentious restrictions and changes have been kicked in ahead of the first-in-the-nation primary of the state.

Thousands of Texans- which includes several citizens of the country have been receiving letters that have stated that they have been flagged as being potential noncitizens who could be pushed off the voting rolls. And this week, most of the local officials for the elections said that hundreds of mail-in ballot applications have been rejected for not including the new information.

Texas Voting Law Draws Heavy Fire From Civil Rights Groups 

James Slattery, one of the attorneys working on the Texas Civil Rights Project- one of the several voting rights groups that have sued the state over this new law has considered that the Texas voting law is just bad on several levels. This new law was approved the previous year by Republicans, who joined their party colleagues in around 18 other states, which include Georgia, Florida, and Arizona- in enacting new restrictions of voting since the elections of 2020, according to the Brennan Center for Justice. 

The Texas voting law has been strenuously objected to by the Democrats- which involves walking out and gridlocking the entire Legislature- and warning that it would definitely disenfranchise an untold number of voters, especially Asian, Latino, and Black people. Many of the provisions in the new law, such as expanded powers for partisan poll watchers, won’t come into effect until the election. But civil rights groups and the Democrats have stated that whatever has been going on until now has been quite alarming.

The Texas voting law began with letters that were sent to close to 11,000 voters warning them that their registrations would be canceled until they prove to their local elections office that they are official citizens.