4 Reasons Online Gambling Was A Great Lockdown Activity 


The coronavirus pandemic has been a chaotic time for many. However, with a roadmap now in place to lift the lockdown nationwide, it stands to reason that, should all go to plan, an end now lies in sight.  

Without getting too sentimental too soon, it might be worth reflecting on what activities have helped people cope and have some fun. After all, some have taken up gardening, painting, and a bevy of other pastimes to ease their boredom and fill their time.  

Online gambling also experienced a surprising peak in popularity during this period, with a total number of bets rising to almost six billion in December, according to data reported on by The Independent. There’s been a real need for placing wagers during these trying times. But why? 

Consequently, here’re some of the reasons why online gambling was a great activity during the lockdown restrictions.  

Excitement and Spontaneity  

The pandemic has brought much uncertainty to all, but some people have attempted to use feelings of ambiguity as a source of excitement rather than anxiety. Who can blame them? 

Many players head online to have fun in ways that won’t harm their wellbeing or others. Online gambling is certainly a way one can spice up their day while confined to their homes, incorporating thrills and nail-biting tension into their lives in a controlled, sustained manner. Today, there’s a world of money-making excitement in our pocketed smartphones and their online gambling apps.  

There are many reasons to bet with online casinos, including if you’re a frequent traveller who’s always on the go. If would-be adventurers are now stuck inside, it’s understandable for them to adopt something of a rebellious attitude during the lockdowns. Online gambling is an activity for the free spirited, who may want to have some fun just for the hell of it. Life’s short, after all, and for some the kick of online gambling has injected duller days with an extra flare.  

Immersive Escapism  

Obviously, because the thrills and excitement of online gambling are so contrasting to the dour nature of lockdown, subsequent feelings of escapism are inevitable.  

Mediums such as video games have been a way for many of their players to ‘escape’ the pandemic, launching them into new worlds that they can be engaged by. A similar scenario could be said to take place in online gambling. It’s a break from the real world, enabling people to fully immerse themselves in one where ‘anything is possible’ temporarily. So long as the pause button on reality isn’t held too long, all is fine.  

Ultimately, many people are craving new experiences in a year that’s stalled many plans. Each time offers up a wholly unique experience, which means even seasoned gambles enjoy a brand-new ordeal that refreshes their interest and gives them some sense of progression or momentum with their life. Even losses can be exhilarating, so long as they don’t spiral out of control.  

Safety and Security 

While gambling receives a bad rap by the press here and there, if done properly, it can be a safe sanctuary of fun for a while. After all, any activity can be bad for a person if they don’t navigate it properly or undertake the correct precautions.  

Newcomers to gambling can look through casinos online via this site and see that only the most trusted of their kind are recommended. Thanks to the aptly named Online Casinos, users find comprehensive guides and thorough reviews on all the internet gambling domains, which means after following through on their recommendations, they’ll never fall in with a bad crowd. This is a quick and easy way to get into a game without any reservations and has meant that gambling can always be done safely, in lockdown and out.   

During the lockdown, there wasn’t much to be done outside of homes that didn’t involve some element of risk to one’s wellbeing. However, done responsibly, online gambling has given people a way to have fun without risking everything. In a time where people have had their lives drastically altered, that simple goal of enjoying oneself safely means the world to many.  

Something to Talk About 

For many, lockdown has meant that the days have blurred together in a blob of mundane uneventfulness. This lead to simply having nothing to talk about when lockdown was at its most intense.  

However, win or lose, the end of every online gambling game comes with a story of sorts. Everyone loves an exciting anecdote, and there’s no doubt that many people have a short supply of recent ones these days given all the restrictions. Therefore, online gambling was something to talk about, a highlight of a day that carried a Zoom conversation a little bit further.  

Topics to talk about may include: 

  • Incredible success stories: Listening to an inspirational or unlikely success story could be a bright ray of sunshine in these darker times.  
  • Recommended games: It might be that some online gambling sites offer up their own brand-new games. Recommending them to mutually interested friends and family could be a great conversation starter.  
  • Game rules and tactics: In-depth accounts of how you plan the strategies of your online gambling games may tell others something interesting about you.  
  • Funny anecdotes: If you’re navigating the world of online gambling the right way, then no loss should sting or cause great sorrow. Therefore, even when you lose, you can laugh off silly misfortunes with your loved ones, then move forward with your life.  

During the most restrictive lockdown periods, most people had little news to share, if any. Nobody went anywhere, nobody did anything. However, thanks to online gambling, some people will have had some anecdotes up their sleeves, turning dead end conversations into a dialogue that has room to grow.   


While online gambling can be harmful in excess, all activities can be. From taking a break from a grim reality to making room for light conversation, these games have helped many people during the bleaker periods of the nationwide coronavirus lockdown in both profound and more simple ways. The pandemic isn’t over yet, so it could be presumed that online gambling may yet continue to give others a bit of excitement and comfort on occasion 

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