How Many Other States Are Issuing 2023 Stimulus Checks 

stimulus check
stimulus check

With prices rising at an unprecedented rate, inflation hit Americans who are facing the brunt of it. Certain American states have decided to provide respective residents with inflation relief stimulus checks for 2023.

So far, the states of Vermont, California, Oregon, Colorado, New York, Maryland, New Mexico, and Massachusetts have declared their respective plans for relief checks to citizens. The amount of the sum differs from state to state, ranging from $100s to $1,000.

Massachusetts has declared to provide taxpayers who earn lower than $75,000 per annum with $600  and $1,200 to households with children. California intends to deal with the high rates of essential commodities, food, and housing and has considered 6 million residents eligible to receive inflation relief stimulus checks worth $600.

The states of Maryland and Colorado have taken different initiatives in providing residents with inflation relief stimulus checks by allocating funds for services and programs, rather than directly paying. Colorado has come up with funds for cheaper housing programs, while Maryland has announced plans on providing needy families with aid.

Georgia, Texas, And Florida Are Yet To Announce Stimulus Checks 

The states of Georgia, Texas, and Florida among a few other states, have yet to issue inflation relief stimulus checks. However, the status may soon change, as the much-needed inflation stimulus checks are successfully providing some relief to residents. Inflation has become a serious concern to uphold the American economy.

Residents to whom their states are providing inflation relief checks are advised to update their respective eligibility criteria for a smoother transfer of payments. A proper reach of stimulus checks in more American states will in due course of time bring the nation out of this situation.