How Much Does Gutter Cleaning Cost in Silver Spring, MD?

Gutter Cleaning Cost
Gutter Cleaning Cost

Inside the capital beltway, Silver Spring, MD is rich in history and boasts busy city living, relaxing parks, and National tourism treasures within its village limits. For those Monopoly board game fans, B&O (Baltimore and Ohio) Railroad can still be visited in Silver Spring – even though it’s not a working railroad anymore.

When it comes to property owners maintaining their homes in Silver Spring, many focus on the decision to switch from exterior paint or siding, whether to replace asphalt shingles with a modern metal roof or if they should use mulch or stone in their planting beds. There is one home feature that many Silver Springers don’t realize saves them tens of thousands of dollars in preventative home repair costs – their gutter drainage system and it’s crucial to clean it.

How Gutters Prevent Massive Repair Costs

Humans need water to survive, but when water gets into places where it doesn’t belong, it can wreak havoc on a home – inside and out. When nature’s debris collects in the gutter basin, it can push water up and out of the gutter system or downspouts.

The water can drench the roof near the eaves under the roofing material, allowing it to swell and retain water which can result in rot and the need for an entirely new roof. Heavy amounts of water can also destroy expensive planting beds, wash away mulch and damage greenery. If water absorbs into rock or concrete foundations, it can deteriorate mortar, create cracking, damage basement ceiling joists, and grow mold and mildew.

Keeping up with gutter maintenance can save an excessive amount of money in home and foundation repairs.

Annual Maintenance Schedule for Gutter Cleaning

Create an annual maintenance schedule for gutter cleaning tasks. Experts agree that gutter should be cleaned twice per year – once when all the foliage has fallen in late fall, and in the spring after the Silver Spring storm season has ended.

If residents live in areas of Silver Spring that is heavily wooded, it may be necessary to clean out the gutters more than twice annually.

Do It Yourself Gutter Cleaning Costs

Marylanders who are experienced in home renovation or other home maintenance projects may decide to take on the gutter cleaning task themselves to save money but even DIY undertakings will put a dent in the wallet.

If Silver Spring homeowners don’t already have the necessary or helpful tools to make gutter cleaning feasible, running to the home improvement store becomes a requirement – and a cost. A ladder tall enough to reach all gutters on the home, a tool to scoop out gutter debris, safety eyewear, gloves, and even a high-pressure water hose or pressure washer attachment specifically designed for gutter cleaning should be on the shopping list. This twice a year chore becomes expensive when the tools to complete it are not used often and must be stored.

Another cost most homeowners value is their time. Instead of spending the weekend with the family playing in the water at Sligo Creek Park, property owners find themselves sweating and tolling over their gutter system. Each DIY-loving homeowner must decide what is more important to them – money or time.

Professional Gutter Cleaning Company Costs in Silver Spring, MD

If both money and time are high on the personal priority list, Silver Springers may decide to contact a local and seasoned gutter cleaning expert like Ned Stevens Gutter Cleaning and 360 Soft Wash to take your gutters and downspouts from clogged to clean.

Each pro team will take the time to inspect the gutters for any storm-related damage and loose gutter runs in addition to scooping, cleaning and testing all gutters for ultimate efficiency. Oftentimes, gutter cleaning companies can even make any needed repairs on site. If the owners have buried drainage systems, be sure to ask your local pro if they can also service those.

The average cost of gutter cleaning according to a majority of home types in Silver Spring, Maryland is $142 with a typical range of $102 to $196. There are many factors that play into the final cost including how long it’s been since the last gutter cleaning, how many stories the home has, and if gutter guards are currently installed on the home’s drainage system. Thorough cleaning requires removal and reattachment of gutter guards – which can raise those common rates.

Take some time for you, with your family to visit one of Silver Spring’s many amazing things to do like riding the carousel at Wheaton Regional Park or visiting the National Gallery of Art. When you return home, your gutter could be sparkling clean by a professional gutter cleaning company and you didn’t even need to lift a finger – only to make the initial call.