How not to miss the best movies on Netflix while traveling outside US

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With the travel restrictions due to the spread of covid-19, we realize how relaxing it was. Though most of the time, traveling is pretty fun, and we now have the hope that things are starting to get better, you cannot deny that the worst part about traveling is missing the best movies on Netflix available in your region. 

If you are a US local traveling to the UK for fun or work, you will miss the local shows as American Netflix provides the most extensive content selection. You need to know how to get American Netflix in UK because some of the US Netflix shows are not available on any other Netflix library, and it can make you homesick.  

When we talk about the stress of traveling, there is more to it than packing the bags, booking a cab, and reserving a hotel room. One of the most pressing problems is ‘as soon as your location changes; you will get the Netflix content based on your current location.  

Taking the example of the previous visit, as soon as you step into the UK, you can only access the UK Netflix library. We can understand the dilemma, and this is the main reason we have come up with the perfect solution that can help you enjoy your local Netflix library from anywhere.  

Download the shows 

If you are going on the plane, you need to think about killing time and boredom. You can’t spend the whole journey listen to fellow passengers whining or constantly chattering. It is better to get lost in your favorite show. One of the best approaches to deal with the long journey jitters is to download your favorite show so you can enjoy them even without an active internet connection.  

Go overboard with the downloading and select shows belonging to different genres so you can enjoy them as per your mood. If the flight is expected to belong, download the complete seasons of your favorite shows to refresh the memories.  

Downloading different seasons can help you pass the time and keep you relaxed throughout the journey. As Netflix provides a vast selection of content belonging to other genres, including animation, thriller, adventure, romance, suspense, horror, comedy, and fantasy – you can fill the entertainment quotas for months. We advise the travelers to mix and match the show’s selection so they won’t get bored with similar choices.  

There are chances that the downloaded content won’t be available in your destination, so it is ideal for connecting to the VPN server of your home country all the time before opening the Netflix application.  

Enjoy Netflix on multiple devices 

Netflix gives you an opportunity to enjoy the best shows on numerous devices (contingent upon the bundle). Utilize this proposal for your benefit and diversion. The standard package furnishes you with an alternative to appreciate Netflix on two devices, while the premium package permits four device associations. 

best movies on Netflix

With this change, you don’t need to adhere to a solitary screen. Keep the iPad, Android device, PC, and iPhone handy and appreciate Netflix on every one of these devices without stressing over battery time or internet issues. Downloading various shows on different devices is the ideal answer for kill your time. 

Subscribe to a premium VPN service 

The wisest decision you can make before going on a trip is to subscribe to a premium VPN service. As you won’t be able to connect to your local Netflix library, you need a VPN so you can enjoy the upcoming episode and the best movies available in your hometown.  

best movies on Netflix

Imagine you are an Aussies traveling to the US. While you enjoyed the ‘Lord of the Rings trilogy back home, it is not available on US Netflix. The only solution to enjoy your favorite shows is to download a VPN in such a scenario.  

Keep the appliances handy 

As you are done with the list of what you will watch, you need to get your appliance ready for the trip. Netflix downloads, a VPN, and headphones are the must-haves. There are chances that your headphones suddenly stop working even with all the preparations, so you need to keep an extra pair handy. It is strongly advised to pack the essentials such as spare batteries, power bank, and earphones in your travel bag or pocket.  

As Netflix provides you with a perfect entertainment experience, you will need the proper tools to make the best of your favorite movie or TV series.  


Netflix is your one-stop solution to your entertainment need, and there is no reason you should miss your favorite local shows even while traveling. Netflix brings your home and country closer to you by streaming the content with local flavor. Connecting to a VPN to access the library of your local country is the best means to enjoy whatever you want, whenever you want.  

If you plan for a trip, you need to prepare for it by following the tips mentioned earlier. The long flights provide you a chance to keep up with the piling list of need-to-watch shows, so relax and enjoy Netflixing!