Herschel Walker Cancels Event Over Pro-Nazi Signs

Herschel Walker
Herschel Walker

Senate candidate for Georgia, Herschel Walker, decided to call off a fundraiser in Texas because one of the organizers was displaying Nazi signs. This organizer was proudly waving a swastika made of syringes in her profile on social media- which was used to protest mandatory vaccination against COVID-19. The Walker campaign mentioned that they had canceled the event- which was scheduled for Saturday in suburban Dallas at the residence of Bettina Sofia Viviano-Langlais. 

Herschel Walker Fundraiser Gets Cancelled Due To Anti-Semitic Symbols

Mallory Blount, the spokesperson for the campaign, stated that Herschel Walker was quite a strong ally of the Jewish community as well as Israel, and firmly opposed bigotry and hatred in every form. Notwithstanding the fact that the apparent intent behind the flag was to condemn the vaccine mandate by the government, the symbol used was entirely inappropriate and extremely offensive.

It, on no accounts, reflected the values of Walker or his campaign. Interestingly, the campaign had previously denied the symbol being a swastika. 

Dan Gottlieb, the spokesperson for the Georgia Democratic Party, latched on to this- stating that Herschel Walker decided to defend a swastika, and no amount of canceling a fundraiser could change the fact that he had not been able to condemn a hateful, anti-Semitic symbol when the time was of the essence.

Walker was urged by Donald Trump to enter the race for the nomination against Sen. Raphael Warnock of the Democratic Party in 2022. Walker will be running against three other Republican candidates, which includes Commissioner Gary Black. 

Allison Padilla-Goodman, the vice president of the southern division of the Anti-Defamation League, stated that the comparison of vaccine mandates with Nazism, as displayed at Herschel Walker’s fundraiser, had slowly transformed into a callous and common tool for political gain.