Hugh Grant Said That He Was Dreading To Film Love Actually’s New Dance Scene

Hugh Grant
Hugh Grant

Hugh Grant in a Love Actually’s 20th Anniversary special says that he was not comfortable doing the dance moves let alone the rehearsals.

Among the most cherished scenes in the British Christmas classic of 2023 Love Actually has Hugh Grant dancing, although the star wasn’t very excited about it before filming began.

In rare footage from the forthcoming Diane Sawyer-hosted ABC News series The Laughter & Secrets of Love Actually: 20 Years Later, Hugh Grant, 62, reveals he “hate(d)” the concept.

The prime minister, played by Grant, is shown in the sequence dancing all around his apartment at 10 Downing St to the music track of The Pointer Sisters’ “Jump.”

In the special Hugh Grant recalls that he saw the script and from that moment he knew he will not enjoy that dancing part. He said that he was not very comfortable with the dancing part of the movie, not even rehearsing the moves.

Hugh Grant Talks About Love Actually In A Special:

The writer/director from the movie said that got rejection of the scene multiple times from Hugh Grant, the actor. He says that the actor probably was hoping for illness of the director if that is what it might take to lose the dancing sequence from the film.

Grant seemed “grumpy” that day they shot the sequence, according to Curtis, but “it’s a contract requirement” that he go through.

Grant attributes the notion of the leader’s secretary finding him inside the process, which puts a stop to his spontaneous boogie, to him.

Grant, with whom Curtis has collaborated on a number of movies, notably Notting Hill (1999), Four Weddings and a Funeral (1994), and Bridget Jones’s Diary (2001), is credited by Curtis as the “luckiest break,” of his and he says he is “very thankful” that Hugh Grant came into his life.

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