Keith Hernandez Has Been Stunned By His Jersey Retirement

Keith Hernandez
Keith Hernandez

Keith Hernandez is simply in a daze- as they usually go when they find that their jersey number has been retired in their honor. But, the legend from the New York Mets is still in doubt whether the Hall of Fame could still be in place for him after falling off the ballot in 2004 after nine years. The current commentator and ex-captain of the Mets, who has been a treasure in Queens for over the last four decades, stated that he was caught completely by surprise by Steven Cohen- the owner of the Mets- informing him that they would be retiring his jersey. 

New York Mets Honor Keith Hernandez

The 68-year-old veteran baseball legend Keith Hernandez stated that the information felt like a bomb on him. In fact, he is the fourth player from the New York Mets to have his number retired- something that shocked him into a stupor. He further mentioned that he had no idea that such a thing was in the works. As of now, he is simply trying to soak in the idea and the very importance of such an honor. 

But the one honor that Keith Hernandez, the five-time All-Star, has been eluded till date has been a place in the Hall of Fame. He was placed five times on the ballot for the Baseball Writers’ Association of America Hall of Fame from 1996 to 2004, but he never received more than just 10.8% of the votes- which fell well below the 75% threshold that is the required criterion to be selected for the prestigious Hall of Fame. 

There is a chance that Keith Hernandez may finally have this honor, through an era committee vote- where the recognition from the New York Mets will definitely help turn the tides in his favor.


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