Hugh Grant Expresses His Love And Gratefulness Towards Drew Barrymore

Hugh Grant
Hugh Grant

The relationship of the two beloved superstars of Hollywood, Hugh Grant, and Drew Barrymore, kicked off with a letter. It had been written by the “50 First Dates” actress. The letter came to him at a time when he was not at his best in his career. This was revealed by the actor on the platform of the show, The Drew Barrymore Show. This took place this Thursday. The 60-year-old actor stated that the scandal of his cheating was going on when he received the extremely supportive letter from Drew Barrymore in the year 1995.

Hugh Grant Was Showered With Kindness

The actress from Music and Lyrics went on to ask a lovely question to her co-star, Hugh Grant. She asked him if he still remembered the first time they met.  To this, the actor stated that he did remember. He also added that they met during the scandal of “Divine Brown.” And then the actor went on to call himself an idiot. He stated that for a grown-up person, he acted like an idiot. Hugh Grant also mentioned the fact that the police had caught him during that time. 

The actor gave a detailed account of how he received the letter that was personally sent by Drew Barrymore to him. He stated that it happened when he was surrounded by nearly 5000 people from the press. They were all around his farm back in England. The British actor claimed that he was happy and cheered after having read the letter. Hugh Grant told Drew Barrymore that it was extremely supportive of her to do that. He also stated that he was taken aback to realize that the Hollywood actress had been so kind to him despite not knowing him. Hugh Grant claimed that the actress will always reside in his heart.