Kenny Pickett Thinks Steelers Are Not Underdogs Against Bills On Sunday

Kenny Pickett 
Kenny Pickett 

Kenny Pickett stole the show instead of Joe Namath. He came forward and made a bold statement that the Steelers are in a great space of mind and do not think of themselves as the underdogs. In fact, they are very confident about the game on Sunday against the team of Bills. This game is also going to be the first NFL for Kenny Pickett and he seems very confident about it. 

Bold And Confident Kenny Pickett 

Everyone who follows NFL is aware that the Steelers are considered to be the underdogs with 14 points to their name. They were also the underdogs in their game against Buffalo in Week 5. On the other hand, they emerged victorious in that game at Pittsburgh. 

On Wednesday, Kenny Pickett stated that although everyone considers them to be underdogs, the team does not agree. As a result, the entire team is super confident about their Sunday game which they are looking forward to. Pickett also mentioned that the team has paid attention to every detail and will give their best to execute their strategies in the perfect way. 

NFL Sunday Game 

Kenny Pickett has also shared that only by executing their plans perfectly will they have a chance to win the game on Sunday, 9th October 2022. He further added that the details are going to be crucial for their next game and their team members will run to the extreme right and will be given ample time with the ball to make their play. 

Moreover, he told that they will be protected by the line who have done an amazing job throughout the year. All these factors have given the Steelers a load of confidence for Sunday’s game where they are up against the Bills. Kenny Pickett will play a big role in their upcoming game.