Illuvium To Become The First Crypto RPG Game


All the pro-gamers in the world were waiting for a long time for a fun game that would include digital crypto assets in the game. The games of Blockchain were very popular among all the enthusiasts of the crypto world for a very long time as there will be the use of cryptocurrency as a tool of the game. 

All Information About Illuvium, The Fun Crypto Game

The technology of blockchain is used in all these games with an objective to have total ownership of all the items of the games which will be represented by tokens. This can be understood by the example that when a gamer buys an NFT through a game, he is also having possession of a unique item that can be controlled and stored outside the perimeters of the game. 

This new ownership, present in Illuvium, will give the users an economy that will be based on players and they can easily form their rare content. 

However, the games connected with crypto are far from the console or PC games regarding their gameplay and quality and as people doubt the concept of blockchain, these games cannot be built into a multi-million industry. Ubisoft is a leading gaming industry that announced that they will use the technology of blockchain last year, however, no further news came about it. 

Illuvium is an RPG model that was constructed on the Ethereum blockchain and the gamers were trying their beta version this year. Illuvium has the aim to become the first project of AAA among Defi games. This game is known for accumulating items of NFT and then exchanging them with some tokens. 

However, there was an issue with Ethereum games and it was overloaded which made it tiring at some crucial moments. This problem was attempted to be solved by using the protocol of Immutable X layer-2 which improved the network and the performances of all the projects based on Ethereum.

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