Infrastructure Bill Could Be Derailed By Democrats’ Divisions

Infrastructure Bill
Infrastructure Bill

The economic vision of the POTUS Has led to a major step with the Senate passing a couple of infrastructure bills. But, there have been widening divisions within the Democratic party- which could easily waylay the entire package.

Last week, the Senate had put forward their signatures for a sprawling budge worth $3.5 trillion for soft projects of an infrastructural nature which would be used to tackle climate change as well as health care- which came just a day after the House approved a bipartisan infrastructure proposal worth $1 trillion which would be used to rebuild the crumbling bridges and roads of the country. 

Infrastructure Bill In Jeopardy

Now, while the Democratic Senators have congratulated themselves on approving the infrastructure bill, the fate of the economic priorities of Joe Biden does rest on the House Democrats- who have to clear quite a few looming hurdles- while uniting both sections of the party.

The challenges that the infrastructure measures face do reflect the difficulty in pushing for a bipartisan compromise between a House which is deeply divided and a Senate where the Democrats don’t have a strong majority. 

At a bare minimum, most of the progressives in the Democratic Party have sorely insisted that the House delay in looking towards a bipartisan infrastructure bill until the Senate would be able to pass a far larger health and climate bill. Interestingly, this is a proposal that has been shelved for the fall, and which would come directly against the hopes of the House Democrats who are firmly in the center.

The Democrats have also gone for a two-track approach that would help them push the agenda of the POTUS- one that involves Congress passing both the measures discussed. 

The plan of the Democrats has been backstopped by a commitment by Nancy Pelosi, the speaker of the House, who stated that the House would not be moving in for an infrastructure bill until the Senate would pass a reconciliation bill.