Ron DeSantis Approaches The Disney Battle Differently: Moving on

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The Disney Company’s lawsuit against Florida Governor Ron DeSantis should be “dropped,” according to DeSantis, who claims his administration engaged in a campaign targeted towards retaliation of the government. DeSantis disputes this accusation. When asked what advice he would give Bob Iger, the head of Disney, DeSantis replied that he wanted them to get back to their job, which he thought would be a wise move.

But, he said that all of them had moved on. They would fail in their case against Florida. Adding further, he would advise them to withdraw the lawsuit.

Ron DeSantis Has Apparently Moved On From The Disney Battle

Ron DeSantis stated that while he hasn’t spoken to Iger regarding the legal dispute, he is prepared to. Ron DeSantis, who has been running for the Republican presidential election nomination in 2024 and who had appeared to enjoy his battle with the business titan, which has been the possibly largest employer in Florida (and the parent firm of ABC News), has changed his tone with his statements. Disney has frequently come up in DeSantis’ campaign speeches.

Disney had previously spoken publicly against a law limiting discussion of queer issues inside the classroom, according to the company, which claimed DeSantis “organized… punishment for Disney’s protected speech” in its April lawsuit. However, Ron DeSantis has disputed that claim, saying he is opposing corporate overreach. He said in a gathering the previous week that Disney had been firm around CF and not very thrilled with them. Adding that a couple of them may even have heard about Disney. He also said that until his arrival, anything Disney wanted to happen, usually did. 

Ron DeSantis has also linked his disagreement with the firm to a broader critique of the apparent “woke” ideals, which is an important aspect of his campaign for the upcoming elections.