Is There An Additional Stimulus Check For Social Security Recipients?

stimulus check

While there has been a series of stimulus checks from the federal government, of late they have dried up. The final round of stimulus checks was restricted to several states as the state governments used their resources and money from the federal pandemic fund to support their residents.

While the details vary, several news outlets and websites have claimed that a fourth stimulus check is in the offing. But the information has time and again turned out to be misleading. The contention of some videos, social media news, and website headings have time and again informed that a “fourth” stimulus check was headed the way of Americans. However, these claims have been proven to be misleading.

The promised amounts have wildly varied from $600 to $4,200. The latest instance of a stimulus check expected from the federal government was in November last year. While there have been regular social security benefits coming the way of citizens between 2020 and 2022, there has been no announcement by the federal government of late.

Irs Have Denied Information Of More Stimulus Checks At Present

The IRS has categorically stated that the federal government has paid out the last of the Economic Impact Payments, which is the official definition of the 3 rounds of federal stimulus checks that most Americans received for the COVID-19 relief fund. Anthony Burke, the spokesperson for the IRS said that Americans should refer to the official website of the IRS to get the correct information.

Some have missed out on some or all the payments. They are the only ones who will receive the payments once they apply. The growth of AI writing has been responsible for the growth in content with little truth. News sites throw up dubious information regularly and rely on such articles instead of those with human intelligence behind them. Unfortunately, most are hoaxes that are online with the intent to generate clicks and get people to their news sites.