Ron DeSantis Is Preparing To Run For Office Once Again In 2028

Ron DeSantis

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is already preparing for his second presidential campaign, only one month after he withdrew his previous oneDeSantis has made a determined effort to stay in touch with those who contributed to and supported his presidential campaign, including state leaders and contributors. According to some close to him, he is aggressively evaluating his options for preserving his prominence and power across the country, including possible endorsements in congressional contests. One source familiar with the preparations stated that he is probably going to begin fundraising for his political organization again soon. 

Ron DeSantis Says That He Is Not Following The Contest Back And Forth

Even more oddly, he showed up in South Carolina a few days before the state’s primary, causing aides of former President Donald Trump—whom DeSantis backed but hasn’t talked to since withdrawing from the race—to momentarily get confused. In the end, DeSantis dismissed the appearance as outside his jurisdiction and had nothing to do with the race in the Palmetto State between Trump and former governor of South Carolina, Nikki Haley. He declared, “I’m not following the back and forth” on the main contest there.

His latest actions seem to be specifically designed to maintain his standing in the Republican Party and his political operation. DeSantis, for his part, hasn’t said that he is ruling out running for president again in 2028. He reportedly remarked, “I haven’t ruled anything out,” in a private discussion with supporters, as reported by several media sources that analyzed a leaked tape and which three people who heard the call corroborated to the media. However, Ron DeSantis’ comments during that call, which included disparaging statements about Trump and his group, also sparked a contentious reaction from the former president’s advisors and supporters.