J.Brett Blanton Lost His Job To Irresponsibility

j.brett blanton

President Joe Biden supposedly fired the Architect of the Capitol Hall building J.Brett Blanton, prior to his resignation. He has been asked by congress to resign, but later with the president’s order, he has been fired. His irresponsibility made things go wrong. Capitol Hill’s attack on 6th January has kept the whole of America on foot, trial after trial, and a committee has been appointed to find out the truth, and they have been working tirelessly since then. The night of the attack he wasn’t present at the building which raised billions of questions.

J.Brett Blanton Misuesd His Position, Without Thinking Of The Consequences

First of all J.Brett Blanton didn’t fulfill his responsibility before the major incident took place on 6th January 2021. As the architect of the building he was supposed to be there, but he wasn’t, and he was unable to answer why. He has been held accountable for that. Thereafter, J.Brett Blanton abused government property, and also wasted the money of the taxpayers. An inspector general has accused him of doing all this. He had the audacity to take his family on a trip to South Carolin and Florida in a government vehicle, without anyone’s knowledge.

Furthermore, J. Brett Blanton has been appointed by former president Donald trump. And just like Trump, Blanton also misused his position.No one knows, what he must have done till now. And many are also anticipating he has been involved with the attack, or even at least he was aware something bad is going to take place. Just before the 2020 election, he arranged tours for the so-called patriots. J.Brett Blanton, denied any kind of wrongdoings when asked. His termination was supported by republican representative Kevin McCarthy.