J K Dobbins Forced To Exit Match After Injury To Left Knee

J K Dobbins
J K Dobbins

While J K Dobbins, the running back for the Baltimore Ravens, sustained an injury to his left knee due to which he had to be carried out of the field, the Ravens went on to win the 20th game in a row during the preseasons. While J K Dobbins had to be carried out, John Harbaugh, the coach of the Ravens declined to confirm the extent of the injury and denied expressing his concern with the potential exit of the player. Harbaugh mentioned that Dobbins would be getting tested on Sunday and it would thereafter be confirmed about the extent of the injury.

J K Dobbins took to the ground as soon as was tackled during the game’s ninth play. He held his left leg in agony because he got sandwiched during the screen pass., and had to be subject to a direct hit in the leg by Jimmy Moreland, the cornerback for the Washingtons. He could not manage to exit the pitch on his own and needed assistance to reach the sidelines. He had to put his arm around his trainer’s shoulders since he could not apply any weight to the leg. Thereafter, he soon departed into the locker rooms.

Other Players On J K Dobbins’ Injury

James Proche, the wide receiver for the Ravens reacted by letting out one long sigh when he was asked regarding watching J K Dobbins exit the pith in that manner. Proche mentioned that it especially hurts since the player is known to have put in a lot of effort to be in the game and the kind of person he is. Dobbins is known to love the sport, and taking that away from him really hurts. 

Lamar Jackson, the quarterback also mentioned sincerely hoping for J K Dobbins to not miss any game time in the NFL owing to his knee injury.

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