Jackass Forever Returns To Jackassery Returns 20 Years Later And Is As Lovingly Absurd And Laughably Inspiring

Jackass Forever
Jackass Forever

At times it is comforting to realize that some things never change. and that becomes outrageously evident with Jackass Forever, with its sublime stupidity. It brings together the pranksters, the stuntmen, and the buffoons who elevated jackassery to art 2 decades ago.

Johnny Knoxville and his gang from MTV return to the 4th edition of big-screen shenanigans, a roll-on-the-floor hilarious collection of bits that elevates cartoonish violence, poop-and-vomit gags, animals, and frontal nudity. It is something that few other franchises would even dare to dream of. 

Jackass Forever Remain As Gross, Asinine, Infantile, And Lovable

It may be gross, asinine, and infantile, but it is lovable. Jeff Tremaine is back in the director’s seat with Jackass Forever. The antics of the titular Jackasses are captured in slow-motion and have been shot exquisitely. Scenes of animal bites blows below the belt, and collisions with everything that comes in the way are all visually bewildering and leave the audience breathless.

Every scene is absurdly blown out of proportion with crunching bones, tearing flesh, and rampaging bulls all part of the normal in the  Jackass Forever world. The absurd gets too much to take in, but it is okay to gag watching the movie. It is part of the fun of Jackass Forever.

Jackass Forever pushes the limit to what the fans can stomach, and it has always been that way starting Jackass: The Movie. But there has been a slight change of gear to which the buffoons throw themselves into.

The animal stunts are still there, but there has been a sustained effort to keep the animals safe. The part of mocking foreign culture has been done away with, as also the pranks on unsuspecting strangers. The final feel is more inclusive than in the past and draws the audience to be part of the fun, and keep the gags to themselves.

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