Jacob Anthony Chansley, One Of The Prominent Arrestees For Insurgency

Jacob Anthony Chansley
Jacob Anthony Chansley

Following Trump’s digital-campaign that sparked widespread riots in the U.S. Capitol, several prominent leaders are being taken under custody. One of these rioters is Jacob Anthony Chansley, from Arizona. The man became widely known for wearing the fur and horns of buffalo while breaking in and storming throughout the building

Charges against Jacob Anthony Chansley:

According to prosecutors, the fur and horns man was arrested on the grounds of breaking into and staying on grounds with no authority of laws, entry with a severe threat of violence, and chaotic behavior on Capitol grounds. 

Adam Johnson was one of the other several trespassers/rioters arrested for stealing the podium of Nancy Pelosi. Richard Barnett was also arrested on Friday. His charges were on the basis of entering Pelosi’s office and sitting on her chair. Others include Derrick Evans, Nick Ochs, Lonnie Coffman (with 11 Molotov cocktails in his vehicle), Mark Leffingwell, among others. 

Several images went viral of the rioters. Most of them were also charged with stealing public properties. 

Jacob Anthony Chansley also goes by the name Jake Angeli. He is 32. His identity was leaked on social media who recognized him immediately. Along with having donned animalistic features overboard, he was also seen as wearing face-paint. 

The riot was also live-streamed by one rioter. Many of them went down the road of extreme steps. Their vehicles were found full of explosives, aiming at doing even more significant damage, leaving members of Congress shaken. 

Jeffery Rosen, the Attorney General, made a statement saying that he will continue the investigation and “methodically assess the evidence.” He further stated that everyone responsible would be answerable “under the law.”

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