Steph Curry Makes A Whopping Comeback Against LA Clippers

Steph Curry
Steph Curry

With a score of 115 against 105 by the LA Clippers, The Golden State Warriors took the game on Friday night. TGS’s star player, Steph Curry, scored a whopping 38 points throughout the game, putting his team back in the forefront. 

Steph went on to call the game a “pretty awesome” night. He said that in the attainment of how the initial 28 minutes of the match went against his team. With over 3-pointers made nine times, Curry’s brilliance managed to carry the entire team, along with the game on his shoulders. In the whole week, Steph Curry has scored over 62 points. In just 36 minutes, he managed 11 assists. 

The swingman of Warriors said that Curry makes moves that make one go “whoa!” He went on to call the tyrant a “threat” and that when he “rolls,” one cannot help but watch while sitting back. 

He scored a 64-40 in the second half of the game, helping the Warriors in their most impressive game this season. 

Why is Steph Curry the number one?

The reason being he is Steph Curry, said Steve Kerr, their coach. He mentioned how the athlete has been playing the game for very long, befitting his MVP title twice. But what about a challenging game? He simply “bounces back,” the coach further said. He went on to praise his player by calling these traits part of the athlete’s character and competitive spirit. 

Steph’s latest scores have sparked reactions, including many on the court shaking and bobbing heads in utter disbelief. The game ended with him giving the game ball to Fred Kast, a longtime scorekeeper. Fred also got to snap pictures along with the team and score a basket with his hero beside him.