Jake Sullivan Flies To Egypt

Jake Sullivan
Jake Sullivan

Jake Sullivan is one of the most trusted men of Joe Biden. He is one of the ablest political advisors in America. Sullivan is the official advisor for the National Security of the United States. He has served as the chief advisor of Hillary Clinton during her presidential campaign in 2016. Apart from politics, Sullivan also takes immense interest in academics. Be works as a part-time professor at the Law School Of Yeta. Sullivan has boarded a flight to Egypt. He is expected to initiate discussions with the government. They will be discussing the issues about the conflict intensifying between Hamas & Israel. Let us learn more about the incident below. 

Jake Sullivan Keen To Settle Egyptian Conflicts

The advisor of Joe Biden will have his task cut out at Egypt. He will be responsible for solving the rising rift between Hamas & Israel. The administration of Joe Biden looks to seek Egyptian help in the matter. Egypt has always played the role of a peacekeeper between Hamas & Israel. This approach has helped in maintaining the stability of the area to a large extent. 

Sullivan wants to convince the officials in Egypt to play a defining role in the matter. He will then hold a conference with the official of Israel. Jake is looking to convey the decisions to Eyal Hulata. Hulata is the advisor for the Israeli government. The meeting with Israel is scheduled to take place in the upcoming week. 

Jake Sullivan already planned a meeting with the Saudi Arabia officials. He wanted to discuss the matter thoroughly and dig down deeper. In order to do that, he would require to have a chat with the UAE government as well. Together, they can put a stop to the intense war in Yemen.