Jamal Murray Sinks Lakers In Second Game With Explosive 4th Quarter Performance

Jamal Murray
Jamal Murray

Nikola Jokic handed the ball off to Jamal Murray on the court’s left wing. He then drilled his number 4 3-pointer during the 4th quarter over the head of LeBron James. Murray followed with an audible exclamatory “Bang”.

An Excellent Night For Jamal Murray

During the previous 3 quarters of the game, Jamal Murray’s night was nothing special. In fact, it was going pretty badly. He had missed 12 shots out of the 17 he attempted, and had managed to add only 14 points to the score tally. He then showed what “Playoff Murray” can do during the final quarter of the second game of the finals of the Western Conference. The location was Ball Arena.

In that final quarter, Jamal Murray scored 23 points out of his tally of 37 for the night. It helped the Denver Nuggets gain victory over the Los Angeles Lakers with a scoreline of 108 points to 103. The Nuggets are now leading the series 2 wins to 0.

Over the course of the game, Jamal Murray recorded 10 rebounds, assisted 5 times, and stole the ball 4 times. He had claimed of growing up while dreaming about clutch performances during the final quarter in the playoffs – a lot like what he just did. This was the fourth time he scored 20 or more points during the final quarter of a playoff game. That is the highest number in the previous 25 seasons of the NBA.

It is also 2 higher than Allen Iverson and Michael Jordan, who are both in 2nd place in this aspect. Following the game, Jamal Murray recounted how as a kid, he used to count the seconds down off the clock and then shoot and then speak like Mike Breen and Marv Albert.

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