Los Angeles Lakers Shows Promise In 2nd Half But Still Falls Short In Game 1

LA Lakers

On May 16th, the Lose Angeles Lakers faced defeat with a score line of 132 points to 126 against Denver Nuggets in the first game of the series. Following the game, LeBron James walked away from the court, leaned his head backward with closed eyes, and uttered an exasperation. The Lakers were extremely close to stealing the opening game of the Finals of the Western Conference.

The Los Angeles Lakers Fought Till The Last Minute

Till the break in the match, the Nuggets had rebounded 17 points more than the Los Angeles Lakers, led by a total of 21 points, and had scored a total of 72 points. That is the highest number of points conceded by the defense of the Lakers in one half throughout all of their postseason appearances.

However, even that was almost not enough. With 45.2 seconds left on the clock till the 4th quarter’s buzzer rang, LeBron James could have made the scores level if he scored the 3-pointer from the key’s top. Although it did not happen, the chance was there.

The Nuggets, on their part, reiterated why they were this season’s topmost seed of the West. Nikola Jokic, who has already become MVP two times, had a stunning performance on the night. He scored 34 points, added 21 rebounds, assisted 14 points, and blocked two times. To help him, Jamal Murray added 31 points more.

However, the Los Angeles Lakers have gone past the Golden State Warriors and the Memphis Grizzlies during this season’s playoffs. As such, that was also shown brilliantly when Darvin Ham, their coach, made a number of changes before the 2nd half started. It almost made the miraculous happen with Antthony Davis’ strong performance leading the charge.