James Bond star  Olga Kurylenko with coronavirus says she was denied hospital bed

olga kurylenko
olga kurylenko

 Olga Kurylenko has been diagnosed with COVID-19 and she has been denied in a hospital as all the facilities are full, she stated on Monday.

The Ukrainian originated model who acted with Daniel Craig in “Quantum of Solace” revealed her situation as she stays in London. She had the symptoms for more than a week.

“Why I’m not in the hospital? Because hospitals are full and they are only taking patients that are struggling with life, if I understand correctly,” she captioned a post titled “Thank You.” “I was told that if I get worse to call an ambulance.”

 The 40-year-old star previously uncovered her certain COVID-19 test on Sunday, asking her a large number of devotees to pay attention to the pandemic as her principle side effects included “fever and weakness.”

On Monday night, Kurylenko educated devotees that she got tested in an emergency vehicle subsequent to catching a fever. A test was directed by a “swab from my throat,” she said.

“Where did I get coronavirus? Impossible to know. It could be anywhere. I could have touched a taxi handle and gotten it from there. It’s on surfaces!”

The Bond star said that her temperature had been steady for seven days, now and then spike. On Monday night, she said it had gone down.

She likewise expressed gratitude toward her fans for the well-wishes she’s gotten.

“I’m overwhelmed by everyone’s kindness,” Kurylenko wrote.

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