Jarrett Stidham Earns Respect From The Raiders’ Fans in His Debut For The First Team

Jarrett Stidham

Jarrett Stidham has started the new year with a bang and has made Raiders fans happy. The fans say that they cannot believe that the player has been on bench.

Jarrett Stidham gave the Las Vegas Raiders fans something to cheer for as with his debut, the player has ran for astonishing 365 yards along with three exemplary TDs.

However, Stidham himself apparently was not very happy with his performance. The player thought he alone could write the 49ers off the competition along with their amazing defense that helped San Francisco to somehow win the game with a mere three points gap.

The receiver for raiders, Davante Adams said that the players of the team congratulated Jarrett Stidham as he has been balling in the physical game like the American Football.

The receiver who also displayed great understanding with Jarrett Stidham in the game with receiving seven of his passes said that they need to play as a team to help this prospect of a player as long as they can.

Jarrett Stidham Impressed Everyone In His Debut Against The San Francisco 49ers:

This apparently has been the scenes if the locker room for the Vegas Raiders as they were losing six to ten as the blew off their lead for the fifth time.

Because even though Jarrett Stidham has been intercepted twice — the first with a batted ball at the scrimmage line, the 2nd in overtime after he was barged by left tackle Miller as he was being bullied into the qb by 49ers’ defensive end Bosa, and Stidham’s profound pass to Adams down the left touchline that fluttered innocently into the welcoming arms of security Gipson — he still gained the trust of a roster.