Jason Alexander, Britney Spear’s Ex, Arrested

jason alexander
jason alexander

Jason Alexander, the former husband of Britney Spears, was arrested on Sunday for allegedly violating a security guideline at the airport in Nashville. Page Six confirmed the incident.

Jason Alexander’s Claim To Fame

Jason Alexander, 39, is most popularly known as the former husband of pop star Britney Spears. In 2004, the two had been married for only 55 hours. Criminal records in the court say that Alexander was put under temporary custody and had a misdemeanor charge against him. Records further showed that the bail was decided to be $2,500.

On Tuesday, a representative for the Sheriff’s Office in Davidson County confirmed that Jason Alexander was in jail on 29th August. He was released on 30th August. On 24th September, he has to appear in court in Nashville’s Justice A.A. Birch Building.

The particular details of what happened inside the airport are unknown. A representative of the Department of Metro Police, under whose jurisdictions falls arrests done in airports, was not available for immediate comments.

However, Radar Online reported that Jason Alexander was taken into custody for apparently trespassing in the TSA’s area designated “non-secure”. He had done so to get in front of the queue. He was then reportedly handcuffed and brought to a room for further questioning.

On Tuesday, Alexander had appeared on a live in Instagram and referred to the arrest as an “inconvenience”. He also said that he was handcuffed over something stupid.

This is not Jason’s first time in 2021 facing legal issues. In February, Alexander was taken into custody over drug and DUI charges. This included driving while drunk, illegal drug paraphernalia usage, and possessing controlled substances. Court records say that the cases have not been closed yet. The attorney of Alexander has not returned any requests for comments.