Jaylon Smith Ends His Run With Cowboys

Jaylon Smith
Jaylon Smith

Jaylon Smith is one of the most promising athletes in the NFL. He is a powerhouse and can be an asset to any team. Smith usually plays at the position of a linebacker and is fantastic at his job. He started his career pretty early. Smith featured as a regular player of football in his college days. 

Smith got his first break when the Cowboys shortlisted him in the season of 2016. He has had several successes in his playing days. Smith was currently listed as a player of the Dallas Cowboys. However, his run with the Cowboys seems to have come to an end. A report from Adam Schefter(ESPN) stated that the athlete has been released by the Dallas-based team. Let us have a detailed look at the incident below. 

Jaylon Smith Parts Ways With The Cowboys

Recent reports have revealed the split between Smith & The Cowboys. This decision has shocked most of the fans. Smith has been a member of the Dallas-based franchise for quite a while now. He has done everything to ensure that the team did well. Jaylon did not miss a solitary match in the entirety of his career. 

This move will give the Cowboys breathing ground. The team will now be freed from the $9.2m obligations. This was the amount of money that was guaranteed to Jaylon for the upcoming season. According to reports, the decision of the team was conveyed to  Jaylon Smith via a personal meet-up. Jerry Jones is the owner and the manager of the Cowboys. He personally discussed it with Jaylon and conveyed to him the message. 

Jaylon Smith is a free agent as of now. The current season saw Smith not featuring in the starting lineup of the Cowboys. This was the first time the athlete did not make a start since his induction to the team.