George Santos Denies All Charges Filed Against Him By House Democrats

George Santos

Recently elected congressman George Santos who previously lied on his resume was seen defending himself against ethics complaints filed by House Democrats.

Democratic Rep. Ritchie Torres and Daniel Goldman filed a legal complaint to the Ethics Committee on Tuesday requesting an investigation of the financial reports of George Santos. To which Santos seemed quite unconcerned and said he has done nothing immoral and his democratic colleagues are free to act however they wish to.

Brazil Reinstates Fraud Charges Against George Santos

The investigation is under violations of the Government Act of ethics for late, inaccurate, and unfinished financial disclosure records as essential by law. For now, the House has declined to respond on this subject matter. 

Federal prosecutors of New York have found campaign finances that show more than a dozen expenditures under FEC’s threshold for keeping receipts. Santos is facing growing criticism among his fellow Congress Democrats after admitting to the fabrications on his resume which includes his education and work experience. 

In a different incident, officials of Brazil reinstated fraud charges against George Santos. Prosecutors would seek a response from him associated with a stolen checkbook from 2008 which police had to suspend the investigation due to his unavailability for almost a decade. 

Later, Santos admitted to having stolen a man’s checkbook under his mother’s ownership to buy personal items in 2008, reported CNNTorres and Goldman both said that what they’re looking for is accountability. They just want to make sure that rules are being followed by the members who claim to protect the body and people of America.

While Santos was pressed to address the situation he responded that he will soon be giving out a date to the media where he would answer all the questions until which he denies to comment anything else.