Joe Biden Gearing Up To Implement New Gun Laws In The State

Bipartisanship Joe Biden

The incidents of mass shootings are rapidly increasing in the states, recent shooting at Walmart in Chesapeake, Virginia. And in an LGTBQ club in colorado.  President Joe Biden despises the act of violence and continuously tries to reach a point where all parties agree to take action against gun violence. Previously he mourned for the families who lost their loved ones during this holiday.

Joe Biden’s Plate Is Full With Other Necessities 

Helping Ukraine with necessary supplements worth around $37.7 billion, and protecting them from any kind of assaults from Russians. And this is high time that America sticks with them. Along with these political issues and inflation peaking in the country, Biden is all curled up with gun shootings in the state.

Joe Biden personally looking forward to getting rid of assault weapons, however, as a president of the states he has to be supported by other parties in congress, and he cannot proceed further with a decision only with democrats. As the recent election showed the republican established the majority in the house of the senate, Joe Biden is bound to have a republican’s say in counting in order to pass some kind of bill or agreement, or at least one member of the republican needs to be present while making any kind of decision.

And regarding these mass shootings that take place here and there, Biden is against it and so the republicans. In order to establish a rule or law they have to come together as a country, as the president has said he is trying to get a hold of the situation. Congress has to come up with quick and strong solutions to put an end to these innocent killings.