Jeff Fortenberry Found Guilty Of Three Felonies

Jeff Fortenberry
Jeff Fortenberry

Jeff Fortenberry, the Representative of the Republic, was accused of hiding information and stating false facts to the authorities of the Federal Government. All these accusations made against Jeff Fortenberry were regarding an investigation which is conducted to check all the contributions of illegal campaigns in the reelection of 2016 for the position of the Attorney in Central District of California. 

Jeff Fortenberry Committed Three Offenses In the 2016 Reelection

Jeff Fortenberry is a 61-year-old politician who was charged for three offenses for which he was found guilty later on. The felonies include concealment and falsely stating facts and the rest two for making dishonest and fraudulent statements to the investigators of the Federal Government. 

In the views of Tracy L. Wilkoson, in spite of illegally contributing to the campaigns, Jeff Fortenberry chose to lie and hide about it to safeguard his job, protect his associates, and also his reputation. All these offenses were questioning the integrity of the electoral system of America and were preventing the officers of the Federal Government to go forward with the investigation about all the funds of the campaigns. 

Following this event, all the leaders of both the Houses have called Jeff Fortenberry to make him resign from his post after his conviction. This led to a break in the trust of all the people who are voting in an election and also violating the rule that no one is above the law. This was stated by Nancy Pelosi and then she added that for all these reasons, Jeff Fortenberry must resign soon. 

In the words of Kevin McCarthy, the leader of the GOP, the congress of Nebraska must leave the position soon and if he wants he can appeal to the Court, however, as he was already found guilty by the Court, he must resign immediately. In an indictment, an unmanned person provided money for the campaign and acted as a co-host, however, knowledge about this was denied by Jeff Fortenberry.